BlastBox hand and main unit
The only universal tool for activation of PD
About us

We are a company active in the automotive industry with a focus on vehicle dismantling technologies.

New technology is constantly presented by the vehicle manufactures to meet different demands and market conditions. Sometimes these new technologies create problems at a later stage in the product life cycle, especially when the vehicles are to be recycled. This is something we at Nordic Making is keen on addressing.

We believe that the vehicle dismantling industry is one of the most important cornerstones in creating a sustainable environment, which spurs us to contribute to the industries efforts.

Our idea is to work closely with our clients to develop products and processes to improve their core business.
Problem solving

Our first product is called BlastBox and itís the result of a request from SBR (The Swedish Association of Car Dismantlers). They wanted to find a solution to the current problem of handling pyrotechnic devices in vehicles. The project has largely been conducted at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH in Stockholm).

The activation of pyrotechnic devices in a safe manner without dismantling them from the vehicle has been a challenge for the industry and something that demanded a solution, especially regarding ELV vehicles (End of Life Vehicles, scrap cars). With BlastBox, Nordic Making now offers a solution to the industry.