BlastBox hand and main unit
The only universal tool for activation of PD

Here you will find accessories that you can order for your BlastBox.
We have also developed a lot of custom cables. Special cables that we built to customers is for
instance car custom adapters. This can be a good solution if you only manage a few different
brands of cars. Something you should remember is that the same make of car can have different
connectors on their models and trim levels which means the number of adapters can raise
Please contact us if you want to order car custom adapters or if you have general ideas on how
we can design the cables.
Cable with pins, 2p and 4p
Item number: 4008
Cable with pins, 4p
Item number: 4009
Standard cable set
Item number: 4010
Cable with 4 alligator clips
Item number: 4011
Cable with 24pcs alligator clips
Item number: 4012
Cable with 24pcs single pins
Item number: 4013