BlastBox hand and main unit
The only universal tool for activation of PD
Product information

BlastBox is a advanced electronic equipment consisting of two units that communicates wirelessly with each other. The equipment is designed to activate the Pyrotechnic Devices (PD) in vehicles.
BlastBox has two connection options, this is to provide a universal and fast connections regardless of age or damage to the vehicle. The idea is to enable activation of the PD which is mounted in the vehicle in a simple and fast manner. This can be achieved because it's possible to get connection with all pyrotechnic devices through the airbag control unit, the ECU of the Supplemental Restraint System. The other solution is to activate dismantled pyrotechnic devices through alligator clips.
Connections are made to 48, 96 or 144 cables depending on the configuration of BlastBox.

In which order the BlastBox cables are connected has no importance. BlastBox will test all combinations of connected cables in search of which cable is attached to the PD. Search results will display in the hand control. After the safety routine is performed the equipment can activate the PD for neutralization.
The equipment can also be used to activate dismantled pyrotechnic devices.
It's possible to activate between 1-72 units in one connection after the safety routine is performed.
BlastBox has an advanced electronic design in order to make updates possible. We have built BlastBox that way in order to offer our customers a tool that always will work, even when new kinds of PD is introduced to the market without needing to replace the tool.
BlastBox can only be rented, in the rental agreement updates and service control is included so that our costumers allays can be certain of the equipments function.

All necessary parts for activating PD is included when order.
BlastBox big pic