BlastBox hand and main unit
The only universal tool for activation of PD

BlastBox is now in its third generation. We have since the launch of third generation also replaced
wiring connector and cables. All these and future updates are included in the monthly rental fee
so that our customers will always have a tool that is quick to use, always works and is
safe in the activation of PD.
This is the 1st generation of BlastBox
We built this version to ensure safe activation of PD.
Our idea was to base the development on:
1. Large amounts of real life explosive data
2. Feedback from users regarding further development of the tool
This has proven to be good because we at early stage been able to adapt
the tool based on real life conditions.
This is the 2nd generation of BlastBox
About a year after the launch of the first generation BlastBox we were finished
with the second generation. We developed this generation based on the
knowledge we gained from the first generation. The way we did the upgrade was
to take back all of the equipments of the previous generation and rebuild them.
The biggest difference was that BlastBox were rebuilt as two wireless devices, this
was much appreciated because it made it even easier to use the tool.
This is the 3rd generation of BlastBox
About a year after the launch of the second generation BlastBox we were
finished with the third generation.
To this generation we developed an intelligent power management function to
the main unit which allows the standby time increased to further simplify use.
As new vehicle models and PD is introduced to the market more search ways is
needed, which we now implemented in BlastBox.
The number of cables in modern vehicles crash systems constantly is increased,
we responded to this by offering the option to install expansion cards to get 96
or 144 outputs to BlastBox. We did this in order for the tool to maintain the easy
way of connection even at the very latest new vehicles.
This is the latest wiring connector
at the 3rd generation of BlastBox
As the number of users of BlastBox is increasing
our opportunities for further development is also
increasing. One opportunity this lead to in 2014
was to change the wiring connector on the main
unit, making that the cables are now being better
than before.